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Why Case Global ?

Increase Efficiency With The Right Security Guard Management Software.

Electronic Folder

The Case Global Electronic Folder is a digital Emergency Response Plan which places all of your company's critical crisis plans into a virtual folder which may be easily accessed by responders in an emergency. A fully detailed virtual tour of a facility is available at the click of a button. Our unique design allows sophisticated information to be securely accessed either online or completely stand-alone.

Incident Reporting

Case Global's 100% web-based solution for advance incident tracking provides powerful tools to report, manage, and resolve incidents in a timely manner. Case Global's powerful visualization technology allows security, risk management, and loss prevention incidents to be plotted on phyiscal maps of your locations so that critical trends may be identified, and acted upon now.

24 Hours Command Center

Case Global operates a 24-hour command center designed to assist your organization in expediting the communication of important safety, security, and facility information.

CCTV Cameras

Case Global's consultants and installation specialists have over 20 years of experience with Closed Caption Television (CCTV), surveillance cameras, recording and monitoring, and digital data storage. Our clients cover the gamut from private home security surveillance to large corporations and businesses.

Project Implementation

The process for implementing CaseGlobal at your facilities requires very limited time on your part. There is no software installation or equipment necessary other than a web-enabled computer, preferably with a high-speed internet connection.

Safety and Risk Management

CaseGlobal is a solution for your enterprise-wide safety and risk management programs. Working directly with our project implementation specialists, CaseGlobal can customize the incident reporting system to provide your organization with instant reporting of risk management and safety incidents occurring at any of your facilities.

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