Emergency Planning and Response

Accurate and Accessible Facility Information

CaseGlobal was designed with emergency planning and response in mind.Accurate and accessible facility information provides your organization an unparalleled ability to coordinate an effective response to an emergency at any of your facilities. Consider how CaseGlobal can become an integral part of your emergency response plan:

By allowing law enforcement,

fire departments, and other emergency response agencies to access CaseGlobal, they will have accurate information about the facility such as entry and exit points, evacuation routes, and fire hydrant locations.

Web-based monitoring of CCTV cameras

will allow key personnel to observe what is occurring in real time without having to access the facility.

Standardize your emergency response

plans and ensure that all of your facilities are in compliance with company policies.


Access to information

about your facilities will enable you to coordinate emergency response activities from any location.

Collaborate with other key

response personnel in your organization during an emergency.